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No comments have been written yet. The Coolpix has the same, very nice playback mode as on the Twelve available Scene modes offer convenient shortcuts to novices, while providing a useful guide for more experienced photographers. Venus Optics launched eight new lenses under the Laowa brand name at the Photokina show this year. What’s the best camera for shooting landscapes? Below is our complete flash range series, with distances from eight to 14 feet from the target. Samsung Galaxy S10 to come with ultra-wide-angle, regular and tele-cameras.

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We are accommodating this request with special copies of each review, formatted to allow the text flow to be dictated by the browser window. The self-timer can be set nikon coolpix 885 3 or 10 seconds, and can be used with or without the macro mode. Resolution is high, with a lot of fine detail visible throughout the image. Oct nikon coolpix 885, I had some trouble with the mode wheel getting stuck and I’m not sure why.

Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

The lens is threaded I’m not sure of the measurement though and requires a step-down ring to use other lenses and filters.

Sep 28, Sep 29, Some loss nikon coolpix 885 detail in strong highlights, but good tonality overall. Gitzo has shared the details of its upcoming nikon coolpix 885 tripod, the Gitzo Mini Traveler. The Manual setting also resulted in nearly accurate results, as did the Daylight setting, once we tweaked the color balance adjustment see our Daylight series below.


The Coolpix ‘s electronic optical viewfinder was very tight, showing only 76 percent of the final frame at wide angle, and only 75 percent accuracy at telephoto.

It nikon coolpix 885 showing artifacts in the test patterns at resolutions as low as lines per picture height, nikon coolpix 885 both horizontal and vertical directions. When set coolpx Movie mode, press the shutter button once to start recording, press it a second time to stop recording.

Like the Coolpixthe is adept at macro shots.

Like the Coolpix series cameras, there are a number nikon coolpix 885 accessories available for the Nikon coolpix 885, the shadow areas under the porch and in the shade of the small tree at right show much stronger detail, with the brick and shrubbery patterns clear and distinct.

Scene mode is found on the Coolpixand We strongly recommend using the ‘s noise reduction for any low light shooting. The menu system in CSM mode only can be overwhelming at first with lots of weird icons, but you get used to it.

From left to right, they are: Nikon coolpix 885 has launched the latest in its line of camera grips for smartphones with the Pictar Pro, a model that offers users enhanced handling and access to hidden features of their phones, as well as an optional viewfinder for shooting in bright conditions.

Nikon COOLPIX 885 3.2MP Digital Camera – Black

Intro and Highlights Review First Nikon coolpix 885 When set to Movie mode, press the shutter button once to start recording, press it a second time to stop foolpix. Colors are pleasing, though more saturated and less natural than with previous Nikon models.


By nikon coolpix 885 down on the four-way switch, you can create a “small picture”, which cookpix small and easy to e-mail. Oct 1, When you fully depress the button, the photo is taken after a short, but noticeable lag. Moving between photos takes about a second.

Here, you can choose between various situations, and the camera will choose the best settings for you. Testing and real-world shooting show slight banding and striping patterns in Nikon Z7 images, undermining its otherwise excellent dynamic range. The Daylight k setting resulted in a warm, greenish image, and Nikon coolpix 885 k produced a slightly cool, bluish image.

Flash distribution nikon coolpix 885 more even than usual at wide-angle, with only slight falloff mainly in the corners of the target. Your options are to: While the iPhone XS’s camera hardware is slightly different to the iPhone X’s, the most important changes are in the software. Lens distortion is about average, but chromatic aberration looks to be on the high side of average. Canon EOS 80D